Nubra Organic Retreat

Built over a sprawling acres land, Nubra Organic retreat comprises 20 swiss deluxe with attached bathroom tents, each of them offering a grand view of the snow clad Himalayan peaks. Matching the spectacular sights and organic vegetables garden & fruit orchard are the excellent facilities, which have been designed with careful thought to the most minute details & painstaking effort, all aim at enhancing the comfort and keeping in consideration the Indian tradition of Athithi Devo Bhava. Yet, no stone is turned unnecessarily, and the natural balance of man and his environment is preserved and protected. The accommodation is designed so as to provide residents an immediate experience of the surrounding sights and sounds. Structure is made up of locally available materials with the intention to promote the eco-friendly concept.


John Smith

One can plan 2 day visit here. Very peaceful and relaxing. Food is also good, you will not realise that you are home away. One day enjoy the beauty of resort and one day the nearby around hunder so that you can spend mor time in deserts.



We stayed at Nubra Organic Retreat for just one night and I only wish it had been longer ! We were taken care of by very kind staff and the tents were very luxurious! Each tent has a stand alone setting , private bathroom (western style with hot water at specific timings) and even a television



Nubra Organic Retreat is a luxury camp. They grow their own vegetables and fruits in a completely organic way. Camp has comfortable bed, clean toilet, hot water and Wi-Fi. You feel like living in a resort but in the wilderness. Nubra is smaller than even a village and this camp is the only thing which is big there